How to Build (and Maintain) a Killer Client Roster

Agencies typically suffer from client turnover rates that severely detract from profitability. Experts say that today the average client tenure is less than three years or that half of all agency-client relationships will last less than two years. I have to brag that our agency typically keeps clients for much longer–a source of immense pride… Continue reading How to Build (and Maintain) a Killer Client Roster

Self-Reporting Limitations and How to Mitigate

…or, “I often pick my nose in public!” Most market research relies on subjects to tell the truth and respond to questions as honestly as possible. We set the stage by making the survey voluntary, encouraging different opinions in a focus group or letting participants know that there are no wrong answers. But some questions… Continue reading Self-Reporting Limitations and How to Mitigate

Judging the Work

Mutual trust is the cornerstone of a successful agency-client relationship, and key to creating great work. Clients bring unparalleled industry knowledge, while agencies excel at bringing campaigns to life. Trusting each other’s expertise, listening, and asking productive questions can mean the difference between a good campaign and a great one. When it comes time to… Continue reading Judging the Work

Driving Behavior Change

How can we know that lasting change has been achieved by a campaign? Time, continual market research and again, time. By their very nature, behavior change campaigns typically span a long period of time because changing a person’s habits in an enduring way requires years not weeks. Market research not only provides a benchmark when… Continue reading Driving Behavior Change

Getting from What to Why

Increasingly, advertisers are realizing the need to shift gears to attract and cultivate relationships with a new breed of consumer: the digital native. One client recently lamented, “We have always been a manufacturing company who made a great product. It used to be that we advertised the product to the right people and that was… Continue reading Getting from What to Why

Hello World!

Hi there and welcome to View from the Robin’s Nest! My passion for market research–and especially the application of it–comes from a quarter century in marketing, advertising and other communications disciplines. Beginning in medical market research, my work experience has spanned many industries from enterprise software to financial services, outdoor/sports, entertainment and beyond. It’s all… Continue reading Hello World!