Colorado Ad Day: Our Time Has Come

CAD day night banner AdClub v2

Tomorrow is the first annual Colorado Ad Day. The Denver Ad Club event will bring together advertising industry professionals, related experts and students to discuss, learn and share new ideas, trends and technologies affecting our ever-changing world.

This sold-out event is significant for the advertising community because it marks the first, formal educational and training event of its kind in the state. And the timing couldn’t be better. We all know that Colorado has a wealth of talent and resources that make us competitive with other, larger markets such as New York or Los Angeles. Colorado Ad Day helps us make a unified statement about the state of the industry in our state and collectively grow and improve our status. We’re about the show the world our strength!

The Topics

The local, Colorado ad community will cover quintessential topics on branding and creative work along with more surprising themes such as how unapologetic parents  win meetings or the marriage of data and empathy. Plus, this event features Gene Paek, Global Head of Business Marketing for Instagram.

Denver + Boulder

Oh yeah, there’s a party after the event. Not very coincidentally, this day of professional learning will be followed by the Boulder Block Party, which probably requires no introduction here. Somehow it seems fitting that the Denver Ad Club brought the more serious day parts and that Boulder is supplying the fun and games to top it all off.

Movin’ On Up

While the Egotist has done lots to make Denver “suck less,” now Colorado Ad Day embarks on a noble quest to put Colorado on the map of advertising markets that matter.

THANK YOU to the generous sponsors (CU, TubeMogul, Creative Circle, Café Rio, evol burritos, and more) and volunteers who made Colorado Ad Day possible.

We’ll see you tomorrow!