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Hi there and welcome to View from the Robin’s Nest!

My passion for market research–and especially the application of it–comes from a quarter century in marketing, advertising and other communications disciplines. Beginning in medical market research, my work experience has spanned many industries from enterprise software to financial services, outdoor/sports, entertainment and beyond. It’s all brought me to this point in my career: being an agency principal and proud market research geek. These days, the team at the agency and I work on everything from children’s oral health to cycling accessories to the safe public use of legal marijuana.

In this blog, I explore and share the myriad ways market research affects the strategies companies and brands put into place.

So why should you care? Companies often overlook this step of building their brand or campaign. It can be hard for CMOs to sell and CEOs often think they already know their audience. This blog is here to show you that without market research, you don’t.

It’s fascinating to see how often market research can be an extremely important driver of change or at least provide the sign posts that point to new directions.

Here’s to looking at market research from a bird’s eye view.



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