Advertising That Makes a Difference

We Helped Move the Needle for Kids’ Oral Health in Colorado Ever wonder what Colorado kids suffer most from? The answer may surprise you. Tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease of childhood and a leading reason for ER visits. According to State of Colorado child oral health statistics, 40% of kindergartners and 55% of third-graders […]

Selling Creative Part 2: Talk the Talk

This is the second of four posts, written by Kristin Kidd, Director of Account Service at Amélie Company. These posts provide recap of key takeaways from Ad Club Denver’s “Food For Thought” panel on selling creative. What bad habits should be eliminated when presenting creative work? Collectively, we are poor listeners – trying to answer the clients’ questions […]

How to: Create Consumable Content

Whoever said we are all created equal(ly) was probably not referring to content marketing. Consumers of digital content could not be more different, in fact. Think about it. You probably speed-read some emails while paying close and careful attention to others…like the product descriptions of those new shoes. When creating content, we employ this three-pronged […]

How Social and Behavioral Sciences Drive Response

NPR’s recent piece, How Small Changes Can Yield Big Results For The Government, caught my attention yesterday. Social and behavioral scientists at the White House conducted extensive tests and experiments to drive improved participation in several government programs. What’s fascinating for us marketers is that this really boils down to improving response rates to various […]