Selling Creative Part 2: Talk the Talk

This is the second of four posts, written by Kristin Kidd, Director of Account Service at Amélie Company. These posts provide recap of key takeaways from Ad Club Denver’s “Food For Thought” panel on selling creative.

What bad habits should be eliminated when presenting creative work?

Collectively, we are poor listeners – trying to answer the clients’ questions before they have even finished asking them. Instead, listen and interpret what your clients are trying to say – they may be making the work better, so tune in, actively listen and help them articulate their feedback. They are another collaborator in the creative process after all.

It’s also time to drop words like “cute,” “fun” and “cool” from our vocabulary. Clients simply do not care about cute, fun or cool. Clients care about ROI, about units sold, about behaviors changed. Rather than use these fluff words, understand the terms relevant to your clients’ business, and use them appropriately.

Replace “I think” with “we think” – show up as a united team. It’s okay to fight about the work internally, but always fight for the work when presenting to your client.

Coming up, Selling Creative Part 3: Defending the Work