Selling Creative Part 1: Perception

This is the first of four posts, written by Kristin Kidd, Director of Account Service at Amélie Company. These posts provide recap of key takeaways from Ad Club Denver’s “Food For Thought” panel on selling creative.

Recently, I had the privilege of participating in and moderating Ad Club Denver’s “Food For Thought” – a monthly panel on topics relevant to our industry. “Selling Creative” brought together creative and account veterans from Denver/Boulder ad agencies Grenadier, Sterling Rice Group, Victors & Spoils, cp+b, and of course, Amélie Company. The is the first of four posts providing a recap of key takeaways; I hope you find great nuggets for selling creative to your clients.

Part 1: Preparation There’s a fine line between being prepared and sounding rehearsed. Know the pitch inside out. Know your work inside out. And be prepared to review, revise or remove work right before the meeting (even mid-meeting) if necessary. As a team, walk into that presentation aligned, arm-in-arm and in lock-step. Find shared chemistry and conviction with fellow presenters. Pre-selling the strategy and creative idea (without actually showing the creative beforehand) sets your client up for success and helps minimize surprises. A few things to keep in mind:

Connect. When presenting, remember the client wants to solve a business problem with a creative solution. Connect with your client by speaking their language; this helps establish credibility for your team, and the work.

Set the stage. At the start of every single meeting, remind your client about the shared goal, what the creative is trying to achieve, the target audience and desired action.

Don’t assume. Clients have many other responsibilities aside from advertising. Take a moment to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Breathe. Walk into the meeting calm and grounded. Find a few moments prior to the presentation to get physically grounded: lower your voice, slow your heart rate and calm your nerves.

Up next, Selling Creative Part 2: Talk the Talk