How to: Create Consumable Content

Whoever said we are all created equal(ly) was probably not referring to content marketing. Consumers of digital content could not be more different, in fact. Think about it. You probably speed-read some emails while paying close and careful attention to others…like the product descriptions of those new shoes.

When creating content, we employ this three-pronged strategy that offers something for everyone and makes online content more digestible. Imagine that your audience is comprised of skimmers, swimmers and deep divers–and you need to somehow reach all of them in the vast blue sea of content. Below are some writing tips for targeting each of these groups.

Hook: Skimming the surface
Skimmers are those who may only have a superficial connection to your topic. Or they’re just really busy. They need and read headlines, subheads, images, bullets, lists and other call-outs, trying to get the gist before moving on to the next thing. Break up the content and avoid long paragraphs to keep their interest. Skimmers: are you still here?

Line: Just keep swimming
Swimmers are willing to look a little closer. They may scan the material for an overview, then read the headlines and first sentences of each paragraph, taking in the imagery along the way. Your swimmers will still come up for air, however, and need a reason to come back. Using questions as headers and more links are two ways to enable this.

Sinker: Totally into it
Deep divers will read and re-read what you’ve published. They will click on every link, search for related topics and share your content on their Facebook feed. For these aficionados, offer stats, sources, more links, FAQs and dedicated pages for subsections of content. These folks will download whitepapers, subscribe to your newsletter, follow your Twitter feed and connect on LinkedIn–so give them all the options.

Good luck making a big splash with your next content assignment!